Free & Easy Crochet Poppy Tutorial – Beginner Friendly

One of my favourite things to do is crochet, I also love to be able to do charity work as much as I possible can, so to be able to combine the two makes me very happy!

My lovely friend and member of the crochet group I host, Helen, crochets post box toppers for our little town, and they are absolutely stunning, so we affectionately call her ‘The Post Box Topper Queen’.

Well, Helen wanted us to play a part in her next post box topper, and thought it would be a nice idea for us all to make a few poppies for it.
I created a crochet poppy pattern, so now it can be shared not only with my crochet group friends, but also all my lovely online crochet friends.

It is so easy, as it’s just 4 rounds of crochet.

I’ve also made a video tutorial if you prefer to follow a pattern that way… You can find that at the bottom of this page, or head over to my Youtube channel and watch it on there.

Crochet For Charity

There are always so many charities that want hand made crochet items, either to give to people that need them, or to sell and raise money for their particular charity.

The poppy is something that is easy to make and raises money for a good cause, so if you wear your poppy for Remembrance Day which commemorates the Armistice Agreement that ended the First World War, on November 11, 1918 at 11:00 am, you might want to give a donation to The Royal British Legion, it’s not at all compulsory to donate, but it is one way of honouring fallen soldiers

A group of crochet poppies

Things You Will Need To Crochet A Poppy

  • Red Yarn – I used DK
  • Black Yarn – I used DK
  • A crochet Hook – I used a 4mm (G)
  • Scissors
  • A darning needle
  • Stitch marker (optional)
  • A safety pin

The Stitches And Abbreviations Used

US Crochet terms have been used in this pattern

  • Magic Circle
  • Chain = Ch
  • Slip Stitch = SS
  • Single Crochet = Sc (UK equivalent is Double Crochet)
  • Double Crochet – Dc (UK equivalent is Treble Crochet)
  • () = The numbers in the brackets shows how many stitches in that round
  • ** = repeat sequence between the *

How To Crochet This Poppy

Note – The Chain at the beginning of a round does not count as a stitch

Start by using the black yarn

Make a Magic Circle (if you can’t do a Magic Circle, you can Ch 4 and then SS into the first Ch to form a loop) leave a tail of about 8 inches as this is what we’ll use to sew the pin on at the end.

You might find it easier to place a stitch marker in the first stitch of each round.

Round 1 – Do 8 Sc into the circle and then join with a SS to the first Sc

Round 2 – Ch 1 (this does not count as a stitch) then do 2 Sc into each stitch around, then SS to the first Sc of the round and fasten off. (16)

Change to the red yarn

leave a tail of about 8 inches as this is what we’ll use to shape the ends of the petals... crochet oveer this yarn end until it is about half way around

Round 3 – Join the red yarn into any stitch and Ch1 (this does not count as a stitch) Then do *2 Sc into the same stitch and 1 Sc in the next stitch*… Repeat this sequence all the way around and SS to the first Sc of the round (24)

Round 4 – The SS from the previous round is in the first st, and we will now continue by doing *2 Dc into the 2nd stitch, then 1 Dc in the next 2 stitches,* Repeat this sequence for a total of 4 times which is 16 stitches. Then SS into the next stitch, *2 Dc in the next stitch and 1 Dc in the next 2 stitches* repeat this sequence a total of 3 times and then do 2Dc in the next stitch and SS into the last stitch. leave a tail of about 8 inches as this is what we’ll use to shape the ends of the petals.

Using a darning needle, sew the yarn down into the previous row, this will pull the petal ends down to give them a nice curve.

Sew in the end and snip off the end.

finishing the crochet poppy

Now go back to the other red yarn end and do the same to the other side of the petals.

If you want to wear your poppy, all we have left to do is to sew a safety pin onto the back using the tail end from the centre of the poppy… Then sew in the ends, and it’s all done! 😃

finishing the crochet poppy with a pin

Easy Crochet Poppy Video Tutorial – Beginner Friendly

Here is the video I made to help you further.

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