How To Make A DIY Tag Art Journal

Buying a new art journal always gives me a little flutter of excitement, the thought of creating on all those lovely new blank pages and not knowing quite where I’m going to go with it is such a thrill!

But they can get quite expensive to buy, which is why I like to make my own sometimes, and I get all the joy of a new art journal, plus the added bonus of knowing that I created it all myself.

how to make a tag journal

This particular art journal I have made in a tag shape, but you can obviously make any size and shape that you like, I like variety and think these tag journals are super cute and make a quick and easy journal.

This can also be used to make a junk journal, or any other type of journal or book.

What Is The Best Paper To Use For An Art Journal?

The best paper I have found to make an art journal is Arteza Watercolor Pad 140lb. It holds up well to paint, inks and water, and is a great allrounder to use for mixed media art. It’s also a really good size at 9 x 12 inches.

Arteza Watercolor Pad

This Arteza Watercolor pad is the one I particularly like to use to make tag journals, because it is so thick and durable, it works perfectly, as you can see from the image below

tag art journal

What Size To Make A Tag Journal

I’m going to work in cm here because that’s what I work with when I make these tag journals.

The Arteza page size is 22.9 x 30.5cm, so the first thing I do is cut off the 0.5cm, this is the end that is attached to the pad, so it neatens it up and then allows me to cut 3 x 10cm widths

I then cut each of those pieces to make them 18cm long

I cut the tops to make the tag shape and use the measurements shown in the image below.

sizes for a tag journal

I use my Crop-A-Dile to make the holes… you can use any hole punch, but I particularly like this one because it also has a depth gauge for perfect positioning and can set the eyelets with it too.

I have created a video to show you exactly how I did everything, and also to give a flip through of the tag art journal I completed. Just click on the video below, or watch it on Youtube along with my other videos here

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